Words Become White Sound


So many times we listen to others with our ears only. Words become white sound - meaningless white sound. During the creative process of drawing or painting the music artists listen to becomes white sound. But at other times words carry deeper meanings and artists become in-tune with their inner self. Things that lay hidden for years come to the surface and we blend new ideas with old understandings arriving at moments of totality. These moment are like soap bubbles being carried away by our own breath. Their clarity is there for a moment. Some linger to be captured in a brush stroke while other bust and fall to the floor lost for ever. Artists have to be open to such moments to create real art. They need to saver these moments and build on each to develop more till they can tap into themselves and draw on such moments when needed.

I can store such moments internally. Unlocking them with the aid of the muses I call on to create my art. Jordan is such a muse and even though I have only met Adrienne in person once, she is still a muse. All thanks to my clear understanding of Jordan, who has told me so much about her friendship with Adrienne. I picture Adrienne as a poet, and often simply text her to feed my creative bank - often when working on a still-life.

My friend Ronnie has the same affect on me. With Ronnie, all I need to see is one of her postings on Facebook, a tool I often use. There are many such people I know who I draw from to place me in the place I need to be for creating. Like I've said before, the art is a by-product of such states of being.

A photo Adrienne sent me of her and Jordan together will fuel my creative engine for months. I will send simple text messages to Adrienne and pull up videos of Jordan's Josephine to press on with challenging paintings.  Few people have this affect on me so I cherish these friends who do.