Brushes - Sometimes Fingers Will Do

          Well-known, very successful artists are recommending paint brushes and other products. They get paid for this which is cool, like actors plugging products. Seeing these artists recommending paints and brushes, knowing they were highly successful before these products were on the market I would like to have them tell me why they switched from what they were using and how much were the materials they used involved in the creation of their art. I had a teacher in high school who made his students analyze television commercials. He taught his students to think, to listen and analyze everything in life. So when I began seeing artists recommending paint brushes I wondered why they switched from what they had been using to what they use now? 
          One of my students switched from what he had been using to these new brushes. He discovered they did not work for him. He had trouble moving the paint around. The new brushes did not suit his style of painting. One of my students has tons of brushes, every workshop she takes she buys the brand and type of brushes her teacher uses. She cannot keep up with me because I'm so hard on brushes I just buy the cheap ones,  I think will work. I never leave a paint store without things I've never used before. So my students know I will not recommending anything to them. Mary Kay is a wiz with her brushes and Linda loves her cheap runny paints and, she too, is a wiz at art. Jeff does wonders with his palette knives. My students cannot afford the finest - and sometimes fingers will do. I do recommend gloves then. It isn't the materials that make an artist, it's who you are.