A Free-wheeling Jam Session of Light

          Surrendering to the visual candy in my life is what I do each day. I could surrender to the darkness out there, at times I do. My art gets me back on track, my studio is flooded with light, light that dances across models and still-lifes of peaches, flowers and blue glass jars. I'm most at peace when I'm working with people, learning new things outside the world of art I live in. There is too much darkness in the world, hearts need light to grow and the arts can give people that light. I have to shut my eyes every so often and bring Gene Kelley dancing in the rain to mind or a scene from "To Kill a Mocking Bird" to block out the darkness in the world. 
          My studio is my sanctuary, where my inner being brings my dream world out to be shared with others. Rays of light penetrate my mind as they weave inspiration through the leaves and blossoms of the plants lining the west facing windowsill of my studio providing a background for the people I wish to paint. A ballet begins every afternoon in my studio. Pale skin models act as the stage for the light show. Trees join with a summer breeze outside my window choreographing the  ballet of light on models who join me in lifting people to see the light in the world. I cannot always hold to the rules of painting good composition, good design and color harmony. The feast in my studio causes me to toss the diet aside as I add colors to models and plants alike not leaving anything out. Chaos is good at times, to release feelings pent up inside. Too many times I restrain ideas and feeling to keep with rules of good art. Like a jam session of free wheeling jazz artist, my notes are my colors and brush work set free. Every part of my body is invited to join the party.