"Pose Nude For An Artist"


Brushing her teeth she took survey of her life. Somewhere along the way their marriage had settled into grey. She couldn't recall the last time her husband had pinched her tush and invited her into the shower with him. They were both tired at the end of each day, she at least made an effort to pump some romance back into their life. A red see through nighty and silk sheets did not get the reaction she hoped for, the argument that developed resulted in a sleepless night for her. He apologized the next morning as he walked out the door leaving her to take their girls to school, a task she had asked him to do that morning. He hadn't even given them lunch money.  He blamed the pressure he was under from the ad agency he worked at. She wondered about his stress, she'd found a receipt for a room at the A'Hara Inn in his pocket. He claimed the room was for a client and he hadn't been reimbursed for it. She recalled he showered that night before getting into bed, something he seldom did. She made an appointment to have her hair done and she increased her exercises and added a mile to her Saturday morning run thinking she had let herself go a bit. Her tush, she thought, was giving in to gravity, something had to be done there. Sitting at work she took up butt squeezing and other exercises to tone up. 

It was after their daughter's soccer match that began her thinking about their relationship. During the game she caught him twice watching one of the other mothers. She thought little of it till at home that day he made love to her like he use to do when they were newlyweds. It happen again after a church service where another attractive woman caught his eye. This time she asked him why the sudden interest in afternoon games. He was blunt and confessed he'd lost some of the attraction he had for her. She actually accepted this from him. 

Sitting at work she began making a list of things she wanted to do that she was afraid to do. She wanted to change her life. She found herself boring and figured that was why her husband lost interest in her. She was surprised when he said he wanted out of their marriage. He had already found an apartment, no discussion about saving the marriage. He said he'd pay child support but did not need them in his life. Who was this man telling her these things? She wanted to burn his things but did nothing, she even took her girls out for the day, letting him take his things and leave without the burden of talking to the girls.

She got very serious about her list, somewhere on the list was "pose nude for an artist, ride a horse, sky dive, do some public speaking, etc..." "Posing nude" is how she came to me. The Proud Fox Gallery was on her route, she asked Vera at the Fox what kind of person I was. I did several watercolors of her, one very erotic. She wanted that one sold, which it did. She liked the idea that an erotic nude of herself was hanging in someone's house. I've had several models who posed to feel better about themselves.

She accomplished everything on her list.  We became friends during painting sessions and I still hear from her every so often. She took up art and has exhibited at local art leagues. She was in China for Christmas, both her girls are in college now.