Mixing Colors & Mixing Dough

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Creating a work of art gives one unbelievable satisfaction. Creating anything raises one to another level of understanding. Whether it be a poem or building a house, we get this feeling inside of being more than simply “present” in this world. Being proud of something is what life is all about. We see the future in our children and are proud of their accomplishments. It puts a smile on ones face when they do the little things that we don't even think about when doing. In my younger days I shoveled snow from around our church so people could get to church. For my sister and I it was just a fun thing, at the time though it was a little thing that made my parents proud. 

These days I take pride in my art. That I can put a smile on someones face without being present is what I am proud of. Dipping a piece of toast into my morning's coffee is a little thing that starts my day off on a high note. A baker, somewhere, proud of what he does, helps me get my day off on the right foot. Me mixing just the right color actually began in Leslie, Arkansas with a baker mixing dough. Other days it is the smile I get from the people at Jake's. I really believe the colors that make their way into my art come from the people around me. My dog Henry sees me off each morning with his version of a smile and a loud cheery plea not to go. He takes me through his day upon my return. Tells me of the squirrels scampering along the top of the fence on their way to raid the bird feeder.

A million littles things go into every work of art. Accepting these little things and returning them through our creations is art. Shoveling the sidewalks around church as a child became part of someone else's art, whether it was in a poem or a song sung during mass.