A Childhood Returns


A gentle tug on my pinky finger as Josephine pulls me towards the roaring water pouring over the dam outside my studio window. Looking back up at me as she pulls me to what she wants to show me, I feel my own childhood returning to me. A look of wonder and fascination comes over her as she looks down between the black metal bars of the guard railing. She points to the white turbulent waters and looks back to see if I'm looking. The world is so fresh when you're a child. Wonders are every where. Treasures come in the form of dandelions holding bumble bees, church bells singing out to the birds in flight. Tiny fingers point out these wonders, both to share, and ask about them. 

This week, my friend Jordan, shared her Josephine with me. Visiting Wild Rose Flower Shop Josephine was surprised to find Elsa, a parrot, living among the flowers. The delight in those two old's eyes as Elsa greeted her reminded me what its like to be a child. The flowers seemed to be speaking to me again, calling out to come to my studio. Josephine shared her wonder by showing me the way to look at old things with fresh eyes. 

Painting the roses I invited to my studio, I will be seeing Jo's blues eyes full of amazement at seeing her first talking bird. I have always preferred subjects that show me the good life. That let me show the beauty out there in the world. Only in my head have I painted the roses I bought while with Jordan and Josephine - I haven't gotten to them just yet. I am packing away the experiences Jordan and Josephine are gifting me. So strong are my feelings toward these two that I know long after they are back home I'll be able to call on these feelings they gifted me to paint all those paintings they gave me.