Jordan Rose


Its simple to pick up my paint brush and express myself,  laying down my feelings with paint. I can write about the landscapes I paint and spend hours explaining each object in a still-life. Jordan Rose is a different story. She is simply Jordan to most people, a special person. In my mind she is Jordan Rose, on my canvas she is Jordan Rose. This is my first blog about Jordan.

I've lost count of the number of paintings I've done of her and the drawings. Well, I've spent a small fortune on charcoal and pencils and I still have drawings in mind I want to do of her. She is a special person in my life. Two and a half years ago she brought Josephine into my life, another little person that brings a spiritual awareness to me and my work.

Today I worked on a painting of my roses and each stroke, each petal of each rose, carries feelings I have for these two people. How Jordan effects paintings she is not even in is mystery to me. Well, maybe it isn't a mystery, maybe I just haven't totally admitted to myself that I paint for Jordan now - Jordan and for Josephine. I reach inside myself to raise the level of each painting because of Jordan. For a while, there I was, headed for cruise control with my art. Now each stroke is important to me. I see in other artists works a spark that keeps each painting fresh and I wonder who the special person is inspiring them to stretch farther with each painting they do. Some paintings radiate with insight, feelings and hope. 

I love selling paintings of Jordan, putting her into people's life. A few paintings I really would love to hold onto, but I love them more when I sell them. I figure those inviting the work into their home see a bit of what Jordan means to me. Now I have Josephine to share with people.