A New Way of Communicating

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Art is a wordless language of mind and soul. We learn while teaching during the creative process. Artists open themselves entirely to the human experience, tears are treasured with smiles as we express ourselves to ourselves. Mixing just the right color in tune with our feelings comes as we grow as artists. Each painting expands our understanding of ourselves. Each carries our hope to bring some understanding to others.

A simple painting of a lone peach can cause one to pause and ease the pain they may be carrying, or simply remind them of that first peach mom cut up for them as a kid. Then again, it could be just the right painting to add a bit of color to a room. Even then it is brightening someone's life.

Fifty-thousand years ago a group of people sat around a fire eating dinner while others chipped a away at pieces of flint making arrows and spear heads. One rose up and began drawing a horse on the wall of their cave. He or she was expressing their thoughts with a new way of communicating. Art was born. 

Today, all artists carry on with what that first artist gifted us with. Our inspiration comes from everywhere, both from inside and from the world we live in. We tell people of the white roses growing in our garden in one painting. In another we create a canvas of total chaos to express our inner thoughts. Though we create with one thought, we have to realize others will place their ideas and values on our works too. Ideas and values that are totally strange to all we believe in. Still we have a victory in that we caused others to think, to consider possibilities they may not have thought of.

I've had people see totally different stories in my work that I could not see while working on the piece nor at the end of a piece. If artists are lucky they will learn how they brighten someone's life, open a mind to new ideas or a new way of living. The importance of art grows within me each day.