I Have Given My All


"Every great artist has a closet full of bad paintings," is a post I saw on Facebook. I reposted it without thinking about it. It should be "Every great artist has a closet full of paintings." We think every great artist sells every painting they do, which is far from the truth. I exhibited in a gallery with a biggie, a real biggie, and for several years whenever I went to the gallery I saw the same old paintings. Twenty years later I saw those same paintings at a different gallery. Even the greats have great paintings that do not sell. My attic is full of paintings, I'm in the process of filling Jordan, my managers house, with paintings. I've also sold paintings that were not my best. To me they were not my best, but to the person adopting them they were.

I have been using the idea of paintings being adopted instead of sold because they are my children, good or bad, and the people adopting are deciding to live their lives with my paintings. Every day they will have to look at my painting and be cheered up by them, I hope. These days people downsize, and my paintings maybe ones that are sent out into the world on their own. I won't be around to speak up for them, but I know they will be OK because I have given my all to each and every one of them. I send them out with good composition and design, good coloring and good drawing behind them, helping them to survive. 

Those in my attic just haven't been found by their true owner. Jordan and Adrienne will have to aid them on their way. My job is bringing them to life and seeing they get all they need, seeing there are no imperfections to stop a perspective owner from making the commitment of adoption.