The Colors on My Palette


Leslie is a tiny town in north central Arkansas. 415 people living on 487 acres. A Main Street about two, maybe three blocks long. I was only there for three days and most of that time I was visiting friends of Jordans, who is the lady in most of my recent paintings. Her daughter, Josephine, has squeezed her way into my heart and onto several of my canvases. Adrienne is another citizen of Leslie. I met Adrienne through Jordan over pizza. Got to read some of Adrienne's writings, which she is quite good at. She is also my editor for my blogs and newsletters. I write them - Adrienne makes them readable. My English teacher in high school said I wrote the longest sentences he'd ever read. He said I could have had A's a few times had my spelling been better and if I’d not been so skimpy with the use of periods and comas... 

Besides fixing my writing, Adrienne inspires me in other ways. Adrienne and Jordan have told me about life in Leslie and what it was like growing up there. These glimpses into their life adds color to the paintings I do. Just finished one I call “Brad's Road.” A scene from my head that Jordan put there with her tales of Leslie. Texting back and forth with these two ladies I form paintings in my head. Jordan, posing here in my studio, tells me about people in Leslie while I doodle a scene that may or may not become a painting. Her little story, whether it becomes a painting or not, still colors my work. I often think of Jordan's mom and dad while painting a scene with her in it. They did an amazing job bringing her up and now it's Jordan's turn to raise Josephine.

I draw from her life, other’s lives, and my own, from memories my parents gave me. The good people around me are like nuggets of gold to me, they are the colors on my palette.