The Color That I Dream Of


After several weeks off due to hip surgery I'm finally back in my physical studio. However, I’ve learned that my studio also happens to be wherever I am at the moment. I may not have been painting with paints and brushes, but paintings have been forming in my mind. Passing public gardens on my way to my doctors office I see paintings, then sitting in the different waiting rooms, those paintings form in my mind. Seeing couples that have several lifetime together still sharing tender moments are gifts to place on canvas.

Painting is my life, has been for most of my adulthood.  I dream of colors and ways of using them, I dream of beautiful homes and how my art can add to their beauty. I hope my art brings more than beauty into a home. I hope I open minds in some way. Peace and moments of clarity are my subjects. Feeling a summer sun, a breeze off a lake, a comforting voice, a vision of the past as lovers were. These feelings I strive for with my art. Some will see simple pictures, kindred souls will connect with my art in a deeper way. These thoughts spark me to lift my brush and mix the color that I dream of.