My Paintings Are For Kids To Play In

Millbrook 300 10x16 panel.jpg

A white cloud reaching to the heavens builds in the western sky. A fresh cool breeze alerts mom to get the wash in before rain undoes the morning suns work. There comes a light feeling as the heat and humidity are swept away. A few apples fall from the tree and mom directs us to put the clothesline poles into the garage as she wraps up the clothesline. The cloud is near atop us as the first drops of rain pelt us kids. To the front porch for the big show. Something about a summer storm that holds our attention, trees waving, cars sending up waves of water, neighbors rushing to close car windows, others rushing to get groceries in.

Every so often one takes shelter with us and mom brings a towel from the fresh laundry for our neighbor to dry themselves. News of the neighborhood is exchanged and glances tell us kids to close our ears. Water runs down along the curbs to the corner where drains are clogged creating a soon-to-be water park for us kids. There are screams of excitement as we jump and splash about in the gift that rain brings to a hot summer. Drenched, mom strips us to our underwear and we get a wonderful rub down with a fresh sun dried towel.

These memories are what bring kids to my landscapes. Stormy skies, streams winding through pastures, wild flowers waiting for tiny hands, spiders for staring at and running from. They are all there, unseen, in my artwork. My paintings are for kids to play in. Even if it’s only seen by me.